Finance Team
Housing Team
Much of their work being money based, this team comprising the members Elena and Bisola, ensures that there is enough money as a part of the budget to make sure most of the requirements of the event are met. That being said, they contact various potential investors and donors who might be interested, and this money is then put to use as part of the various DiliMUN expenses, such as placards, ids, etc. They make sure there is proper funds for as many delegates to attend and that all those who decide on coming get what they paid for.
The team that strives for the comfort of all those delegates attending the conference, this team takes extra measures to ensure that they can provide the best accommodation for all the guests. The team members are Darius, Bei Bei, Lea and Aris, and they try to meet all the requirements in regards to housing and accommodation so that the delegates have a comfortable stay. Along with that they are also responsible for the food, keeping in mind different dietary restrictions and requirements, any health restrictions, all the meals and snacks, etc. In addition to this, they also plan various ice breakers and events with invited guest speakers.
Administration Team
Registration and Admission Team
The team in charge of a lot of the planning in regards to marketing and design of many of the commodities that are important aspects of the conference, administration is also incharge of the merchandise. The members of this team, Tanya and Kristoffer, make sure that there is enough material during the events, ensure everything is done beforehand and assign various designated spaces for the sessions to take place. They are also responsible for the badges, placards and certificates that are given out.
The registration team, consisting of the members Yasmin, Chantal and Shahib, are in charge of making the different registration forms, viewing the forms submitted and being a part of the selection process and deciding the applicants who attend the seminar. During the process, they also play a huge role in answering any questions or queries you may have. Along with that they take care of registering all the participants who have been selected for the conference.
Media Team
Research Team
The media and communications team, as it says in the name, is responsible for informing everyone of the different information regarding the events through various social platforms. The members of this team are Oleg, Mara and Serly, and they also take care of keeping track of various deadlines such as registration, keeping everyone informed about any changes that might affect the conference, and help provide additional details about all those who are part of the process.
The research team plays an important role in deciding the topic of the conference. The members of the team are Rachel, Mutumma and Yi-ran, and they are responsible for coming up with different ideas for the content and theme of the conference, the various topics of discussion, the list of countries, etc. in terms of research and position papers, this team plays a huge role in focusing and approving these documents, also during the conference they become the approval panel and crisis team.